Can you make Chocolate Ice Cream with JUST Chocolate Milk?

Could it really be that easy, to pour a quart of your favorite store bought chocolate milk directly into an ice cream machine?

In preparation, I actually spent a LOT of time thinking about this video and how to compare chocolate milk against a chocolate ice cream custard for you in a straightforward and clear fashion. I initially considered making the batches two days in a row and splicing the video together. I considered many recipes for the chocolate ice creams–including adding an egg to the chocolate milk and cooking it similar to a custard (I decided that wouldn’t be the truest test of my question).

I also somewhat impulsively bought a second ice cream maker for $20 on Facebook Marketplace a day before beginning this video!

Hear me out! I had good reason! With the basic/inexpensive ice cream makers I have, I am essentially limited to one opportunity to churn a batch every 24 to 30 ish hours (the ice cream bowl needs lots of time to re freeze after cleaning). I also wasn’t sure with the ambient lighting in my kitchen how the comparisons might be impacted by being churned different days.

Also not important reason at all: dueling ice cream makers sounded fun!

I will not posting the chocolate (custard) ice cream recipe today 🙁 as this was literally the first time I made chocolate ice cream. I would rather try a few alternatives to make sure I give you the VERY best recipe when I do! 🙂

Without giving away too much from the video, Here is my pre experiment prediction: The Chocolate milk will make a Wendy’s style Frosty just fine, but will not harden appropriately in the freezer to become a delicious scoop-able ice cream due to a lower fat percentage when compared to a typical custard based ice cream. Let us find out if I predicted correctly!

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