About Me

 My name is Lori Hitchcock and I really hope you are enjoying my site!

I love four things in life immensely: Food, Travel, My Husband Drew, and my cats Bruce and Lola. They are all my favorites and I don’t think I could ever pick just one to top the list.

I even more love when I can combine some of these things, ie when we visited friends in Ann Arbor and I found out about and insisted we visit the Jiffy Mix factory since it was only 30 minutes away from them LOL! Together Drew and I have visited countless breweries and half a dozen food factories during out 11 ish years together. Food tours really are the best-the memories come alive again as soon as you enjoy that item again!

Life is something we have the opportunity to live every day just as we have the opportunities to make new memories each day we are on this earth. I find so many of my memories of trips and time spent with different family members make me remember certain foods with such an affinity I could swear the flavor is fresh in my mouth. I make a recipe of my corn chowder and I remember the dish Drew and I first had on our honeymoon and the private lesson the restaurant set up for us the last morning we were at the resort! I have a scoop of Homemade Brand Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream and I instantly remember the many times I would go to “Grandma Camp” and we would clip coupons and watch her ‘Soap’ everyday.

I am naturally a very introverted and socially anxious person and I actually really dislike seeing myself on camera (many big growth moments have happened for me to have the confidence to put my videos out there). Agapi Stassinopoulos spoke at a life changing conference I attended in Portland the summer of 2017. I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of attendees at my first World Domination Summit that I spent most of my time on the verge of a panic attack…until Agapi too the stage. She spoke with such love and care and grace; She reminded me immensely of my Grandma Shaw (who was probably my first favorite person ever) that I relaxed (just a bit) and was able to start the personal development journey my sweetie of a husband had been trying to jumpstart me on for several years. Her book, Wake up to the Joy of you came home with me that year with an autographed inscription about finding my light to shine onto the world. I was about half way thru the weekly meditations when on January 2, 2018 I asked my husband if he could help me start a food blog. We bought the web domain that night and my years long-back of my mind ambition-big hairy audacious goal-began its journey into fruition of this site you see here today.

I am currently a 31 year old Born and Raised Ohioan. My favorite person Drew and my awesomely affectionate cats Bruce and Lola live in the cutest house in Cincinnati where I spend lots of time in my kitchen, in my multiple garden areas (currently flowers/herbs/berries/vegetables), and binge watching shows with my husband (currently Designated Survivor). As a day job I currently work in travel sales and roadside assistance. I also recently completed a year long quest to read 30 books while I was 30.

Maybe the recipes I post here won’t bring back any memories for you, but I do hope they help you create some new ones with your favorite people. I also hope you learn how to make ice cream!