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My Main Message

Food is good and enjoying good food is basically one of my favorite things. This really should need to go without saying, but food is necessary for basic survival and good food does wonders for your body, mind, and soul.

I think meals are meant to be shared. Everything I eat seems to taste better with good company around, so invite your friends and family over for dinner!

Eating a good meal at home is wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love going out (no dishes, new meal ideas, etc). Eating at home gives me more freedom without feeling like a picky eater as well as sense of accomplishment each time I master a new recipe. Another home benefit is having the most control of the cost and the quality of what I use! The extra fat and salt restaurants use is not always necessary for good taste!

Food is one of my happy places and maybe yours too. A good meal is meant to be made with great ingredients shared with family and friends. And this does not need to be difficult! I want to make food fun, tasty, and easy by showing you pictures and videos of every step and every tool between getting the first ingredient out of the cupboard and sitting down to eat.

Happy Food is Homemade  Food!

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